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About Us

Building A Better Community One Agreement At A Time

           Relationships are the core of our business. Whether between parents and children, siblings, co-workers, spouses, friends, or members of a neighborhood; we are committed to helping you make decisions about how you want to build, transform, and even reconstruct relationships.

          The Alternative Dispute Resolution Center, The ADR Center, is a non-profit formed over two decades ago based in Wilmington, North Carolina. The ADR Center serves the greater Cape Fear region, including Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, and Pender Counties.We conduct private mediations, including  visitation (Parenting Agreements), and Home Owner’s Association (HOA) disputes, as well as general family, and business mediation for a variety of situations.

          Our team provides mediation for District Criminal Court in the 13th and 5th Judicial Districts, facilitates Child and Family Team Meetings for the Department of Social Services in both New Hanover and Brunswick County, and administers Teen Court in New Hanover and Pender Counties. In addition, we offer education and training, such as Cooperative Parenting and Constructive Communication.