Building A Better Community One Agreement At A Time


Carla Pike - Copy
Executive Director

Carla Pike, JD/MA, MBA
Ext. 103

A Chatham County, North Carolina native, Carla came to the ADR center in 2015 after 11 years of service with another Community Mediation center. At that center, she mediated District Criminal Court, Family and Divorce, Community, and Medicaid Appeals cases. Carla also facilitated Child and Family Team Meetings, ran Juvenile Justice programs, and managed nonprofit resources. Her broad range of experience includes work in higher education, asylum and human rights advocacy, and a term of AmeriCorps/Public Allies service. At the ADR Center, Carla’s focus is on ensuring that the Center addresses community needs and remains in a sound financial position.


Mackenzie Wetherill - CopyMediator and Pender Teen Court Coordinator

Mackenzie Spivey Wetherill
Ext. 113
Mackenzie started as an intern at the ADR Center in 2009 where she completed Conflict Resolution training. She earned a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Before coming to the ADR Center, Mackenzie managed forty employees in the service industry for 5 years. This experience enabled her to utilize her conflict resolution training and strengthen her mediation skills. At the ADR Center, Mackenzie primarily focuses on facilitating Child and Family Team Meetings, District Court mediations, and coordinating the Pender Teen Court Program.


  DSC_Sheila8803Court Services Director

Sheila Evans
Ext. 106
Sheila has managed the Teen Court and Youth Court programs in New Hanover and Pender counties since 2005. She earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Kings College. Both Teen Court programs have flourished and nearly doubled in size under Sheila’s direction. Within the last few years, Teen Court has partnered with community service programs to serve the families in both counties even more efficiently. Sheila also coordinates the ADR Center’s District Court (criminal) mediation program in New Hanover and Pender counties.  Sheila is certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission to mediate Superior Court civil matters and District Court criminal cases.



Charlie Anderson


Charlie Anderson
Ext. 100
Charlie joined the ADR Center in 2008 and brings a wide range of dispute resolution experiences and professional knowledge to the ADR Center. Charlie earned a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences from Johns Hopkins University and attended New York University School of Medicine. Mediation and facilitation are his areas of proficiency.


Rachel Meachem

Worthless Check Coordinator

Rachel Meachem
Ext. 115
Rachel started as a volunteer at the ADR Center and soon began Coordinating the “Worthless Checks” Program. She attended North Carolina A&T State University where she obtained a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. As the “Worthless Checks” Coordinator, Rachel performs case management of referrals while maintaining client confidentiality, treating clients with professional courtesy, and abiding by basic principles of conflict resolution.