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District Court Mediation

Building A Better Community One Agreement At A Time

District Court Mediation

Trained and experienced mediators, certified by the Dispute Resolution Commission, are available to assist you in resolving your District Court case. If you are involved in a self-initiated criminal case (citizen-initiated at Magistrates office) in New Hanover, Pender  or Brunswick County, the ADR Center may be able to assist you in resolving your case out of court. In conjunction with the Court and the District Attorney’s office, cases successfully resolved in mediation result in a dismissal of the charges.

Mediation allows the people involved in a court case to resolve it on their own terms by reaching a mutually acceptable agreement

Mediation is:

  • an alternative to litigation
  • affordable
  • confidential
  • voluntary
  • an opportunity for each party to listen and communicate
  • safe and non-adversarial
  • a chance for people to exercise their right to work out a solution they can live with

How it works:

  • Each party speaks with a mediator from the ADR Center and agrees to participate in the process.
  • During the mediation, each party has an opportunity to explain the dispute, discuss the issues, and understand the other person’s position.
  • Trained mediators help people focus on the issues.


District Court Refunds:

All District Criminal Court Mediation Fee payments must be paid to the Clerk of Superior Court in the county in which your case was mediated.

District Court Mediation payment may not be made via ADR’s online payment system. If made, payments will be refunded to the original payment source.

ADR is not responsible for any expenses or inconvenience incurred due to improper submission of payment.