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Teen Court

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What is Teen Court

Teen & Youth Courts are alternative systems of justice for New Hanover & Pender County High School & Middle School students. This diversionary court keeps first-time juvenile offenders out of the Juvenile & District Court System. Teen Court offenders who are willing to admit guilt are held accountable for their actions and are sentenced by their peers for their misdemeanor offenses and certain school violations. Student volunteers are recruited from local high schools to fill the various roles of defense & prosecuting attorneys, clerks, bailiffs and juror members. Training is made available for all student volunteers.

What Are the Benefits of Teen Court

Teen Court is a “hands-on” opportunity for offenders to learn about the legal system and it is also a vehicle for positive peer pressure. Juveniles brought before Teen Court as offenders learn to accept responsibility for their actions. They pay back the community through community service, Teen Court duties, and other possible sanctions. For volunteers we believe that Teen Court is an excellent program to add to your college application/resume. Volunteers can use hours completed with Teen Court for Beta Club/National Honor Society or any other school related requirements. The whole process empowers youth to take responsibility for problems of crime and violence in their own schools and communities.

For Questions about Teen Court:

Sheila Evans
(910) 362-8000 x 106


   Teen Court Attorney Preparation Forms:


Sentencing Guide

Factual Basis

Defense Lawyer Packet

Prosecution Lawyer Packet

Teen Court Manual for Attorneys


     Teen Court Forms:


            Student Volunteer Form (Teen Court-High School)

            Student Volunteer Form (Youth Court-Middle School)

 Referral Form-Teen Court (for Referring Agencies)

         Email all completed Forms to or fax to (910) 362-8008

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Pender Teen Court

Teen Court Hearings
5:00 – 7:00 pm
Pender County Courthouse
100 Wright St. Burgaw NC

Schedule for 2017-2018


Oct 24th

Dec 5th

Feb 6th

Apr 3rd

May 15th

          Volunteers and defendants should arrive at 5:00 – Trials begin at 5:30

Teen Court Training Session

 1stTraining   November 14th @ Pender County Courthouse, starts at 5 pm

2nd Training TBD @ Pender County Courthouse, starts at 5 pm


Come and learn about the court process and how you can prosecute a case, defend a case, serve as a Juror, Court Clerk, or Bailiff in Teen Court



   New Hanover County

     Teen Court/Youth Court



September 25th

October 2nd

  November 6th

  November 27th

   December 4th

  January 8th

  February 5th

   March 5th

    April 2nd

  April 30th (due to AP Testing)

     May 1st

        May 29th – Tuesday

         Teen Court volunteers should arrive by 5:30 p.m.

 Hearings start promptly at 6 p.m. in the New Hanover County Courthouse-

316 Princess St.

(Enter on Princess St between 3rd and 4th St.)

Teen Court Training Sessions:

1st Training October 16th– 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the courthouse

Entrance for New Hanover Teen Court at the New Hanover County Courthouse

Entry for NHC Teen Court





What time does Teen Court start?

We start at 6 p.m. in New Hanover County – we will serve pizza/drinks/goodies at 5:00 p.m. until it is gone! We start at 5:30 p.m. in Pender County – we will serve pizza/drinks/goodies at 4:45 p.m. until it is gone!

 Do I need to fill out an application for Teen Court every year? 

Yes, it gives us permission from your parent or guardian that you can participate in the program.

If there is school cancellation or early dismissal, do we still have Teen Court?  No.  Your safety is our main concern.

Do you have to attend a training BEFORE you can attend a Teen Court session?  No.  We actually schedule our first Teen Court of the year before our training so that students can see a session and decide if they want to continue as a student volunteer.


Do you have to attend all sessions of Teen Court?  No. We welcome volunteers at any point during the school year.  We have had athletes, band students, etc. that attend when their schedules are a little lighter.


Can I arrive after Teen Court sessions begin? New Hanover – you will still go through security at the main entrance after we begin.   Pender – We have an adult volunteer who remains inside until about 5:15 p.m. at our entrance – look for the entry sign and/or General Pender Statue.


What is the latest time I can reach the Teen Court Coordinator at the ADR Center on Teen Court Night?  New Hanover – 4:30 p.m.   Pender – 4:00 p.m.  Please do not contact the courthouse(s)


What do I need to do to participate as a student volunteer?

Make sure we have a volunteer application – IT REQUIRES A PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE and EMERGENCY CONTACT.  Think of it as a permission slip to be in the courthouse.  You can bring it with you on Teen Court night, have your parent fax or email to us or drop off at our office (102-C Cinema Dr.)


Do I really need to dress professionally?  Yes.  We expect our student volunteers to dress like they belong in a courthouse.  We ask that you do not wear jeans, t-shirts and sneakersNO SHORTS ARE PERMITTED in the courthouse.  If you have any concerns, contact your Teen Court Coordinator.


Will there be a record of my volunteer hours?  Many student organizations have a service log that can be signed/stamped at the conclusion of Teen Court.  We also maintain sign-in sheets.


Why do I have to worry about signing in?  It is our official record of your attendance and we will not be able to confirm your hours without having you officially sign in.  IF YOU ARRIVE AFTER Teen Court sessions begin, you will be able to sign in before you leave.


How will I receive updates about Teen Court?  When you sign in, please make sure that we can read your email address as that is our primary way of communication.


Teen Court News

New Hanover & Pender County Teen Courts volunteered their time over the summer to participate in a Summer Camp for Pender County middle schoolers. Teen Court volunteers preformed a Mock Trial to give the summer campers an display of what a real Teen Court Trial would be like. The summer campers heard the information presented during the Mock Trial and participated as the jury members and decided what the Teen Court Defendant would complete during their time in Teen Court. This is a very similar process for our Teen Court volunteers during trials. Things appropriate for Teen Court Defendants to complete consist of community service, serving as a Teen Court jury member, writing an essay or an apology related to the offense. We also had Assistant District Attorney Erika Jones & Board Chair of The ADR Center participate as the judge during the Mock trial. Teen Court Volunteers were: Jack Ballard (NHC Teen Court), Cody Bollinger (Pender Teen Court), Brian Maxey (NHC & Pender Teen Court), David Timken (NHC Teen Court), Brady Sprattey (NHC Teen Court), Donavon Cummings (Pender Teen Court), Alden Stack (NHC Teen Court).