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Work Place Mediation & Facilitation

Building A Better Community One Agreement At A Time


In the work place, mediation can serve as an alternative to arbitration or litigation regardless of whether a legal or formal complaint has been filed. An impartial mediator can help coworkers make informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable agreements through a non-adversarial process.

We conduct mediations dealing with workplace conflicts involving various matters including:

  • Coworker relationships
  • Sexual harassment
  • Benefits
  • Employment contracts
  • Wrongful termination

Using mediation in the workplace can reduce expenses, as well as increasing employee productivity, morale and retention.

Once your workplace mediation is set up, you can pay your fee online. More details about the fee and scheduling can be answered by our ADR staff at (910) 362-8000.

Workplace Mediation 



In addition to providing mediation services when a conflict has arisen, we also provide workplace Facilitation Services.

Facilitation Services differ from mediation in that they address potential problems before they occur.   Our practitioners have experience in a wide variety of areas to assist you in making your organization’s meetings more effective whether through internal teamwork or long term strategic planning.Facilitation is helpful for:

  • Accessing barriers to growth
  • Identifying strengths
  • Discussing strategy
  • Making key decisions
  • Setting priorities
  • Establishing action plans

Meeting Facilitation services can:

  • Help clarify your goals
  • Facilitate and engage all participants
  • Keep the group focused and on track
  • Mediate barriers and emotions
  • Provide documentation for meetings
  • Follow up after the session